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DebtConnection.com, an online resource for collection industry professionals, is a product of The Debt Marketplace, Inc. The company is not a collection agency, nor are we affiliated with any collection agencies.

The Debt Marketplace, Inc.
10440 Pioneer Blvd. #2
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Phone: (562) 903-7220
Fax: (562) 903-7277
E-Mail: info@debtconnection.com

President: Dennis Hammond

Vice President: Gary McLain
E-Mail: gary.mclain@debtmarketplace.com

The Debt Marketplace understands that changing strategies create new opportunities and risks for buyers and sellers.

Formed in 1994, The Debt Marketplace educates buyers and sellers on all aspects of marketing delinquent receivable portfolios. To help participants succeed in this evolving market, we provide buyers and sellers with expert resources for:

Maximizing profit potential for all parties
Reducing business risk
Increasing understanding of market factors
Managing post sale issues

The Debt Marketplace answers the industry's demand for an efficient, reliable and equitable method for portfolio marketing. Our firm focuses on thorough due diligence for all parties to achieve positive result prior to, and following, the transaction.

The Debt Marketplace offers a variety of services, including:


The Debt Marketplace is committed to providing the industry with comprehensive and innovative resources for maximizing returns while controlling risks.
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10440 Pioneer Blvd. #2, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. Contact 562-903-7220 if there are any questions.

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