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Credit Unions In Nevada

As with most sectors in the financial industry, Nevada credit unions are in the midst of change. COVID accelerated multiple trends credit unions were already experiencing, many of which are tied to the growing preference of customers to use mobile banking and the resulting drop in branch visits and necessary cyber security upgrades.


After a summer season where most litigation was either consistently down or only marginally increasing, August litigation and consumer complaints rebounded with double-digit increases across the board.

How JPMorgan Chase allots its $14B IT budget

Hybrid cloud infrastructure, digital products and services, predictive analytics, data security, software development and roughly 6,000 apps. Those are some of the larger line items in the $14 billion 2022 IT budget Lori Beer, JPMorgan Chase’s global CIO, oversees — along with a little research-and-development spend on metaverse technologies.

TCPA Litigation Update — Good News for Defendants Facing Claims Under Florida’s Mini-TCPA

Since the beginning of 2022, dozens of Florida Telephone Solicitation Act (“FTSA”) claims have been filed. The FTSA and related case law have been bad news for defendants. The FTSA is significantly more restrictive than the TCPA because it contains an overly broad definition of “autodialer” that looks at any system that either automatically dials or selects phone numbers to be dialed; unlike the TCPA, no random or sequential number generator needs to be used.

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