DCS2022 Continues “The Great Debate”

DCS2022 – September 7 – 9 – where the Great Debate continues!  The Debt Connection symposium is known for both great sessions, as well as great networking. One session that always gets high marks is – The Great Debate. The perspectives of Originators, Agencies, Debt Buyers, and Law Firms allows for a lively, unscripted session often times highlighting the subtle differences in approach and implementation. For 2022, the four esteemed panelists include: Niloy Bhattacharyya, Prosper Marketplace; Tim Collins, InDebted; Laura Jensen, Absolute Resolutions Corporation; and Manny Newburger, Barron & Newburger. Each will have an opportunity to highlight their unique operational perspectives and strategies in an open forum moderated by Mark Naiman, a previous award-winning Great Debater at DCS.

As with past sessions, Naiman will take the opportunity to ask the panelists about current challenges facing the industry, operational efficiencies, and creative evaluation of future trends or technologies.

Just one of many great sessions planned. Still time to sign up at www.dcs2022.com