portfolio details

Offering Company Cherrywood Enterprises, LLC
(561) 508-7650
Category Payday Loans
Characteristics 1st Placement
Portfolio Amount $2,213,746.45
Average Balance $717
Age 2019-2020
Number of Accounts 3,086
Region National
Date Listed November 22, 2021
Bid Due November 24, 2021
Listing Expires Date November 25, 2021
Closing Date November 24, 2021
Contact Craig M. Geisler- (561) 508-7650
Comments We have a 1 agency Internet PDL file available. No docs will come with this package, and we are willing to segment this into $500k tranches. Call us today at (561) 508-7650. Trying to move this before the holiday break. Bring your offers!!