portfolio details

Offering Company Capital Asset Management, Inc.
(317) 633-6633
Category Medical
Characteristics 2nd Placement
Portfolio Amount $10,165,229.55
Average Balance $821.00
Age 2011-2017
Number of Accounts 12,379
Region National
Date Listed June 12, 2019
Bid Due June 12, 2019
Listing Expires Date July 12, 2019
Closing Date July 12, 2019
Contact Rob Geer - robgeer@att.net
Comments We have a portfolio of mixed hospital group ER Accounts. There are three hospital groups included in this file. One hospital includes many multiples for each debtor, those will consolidate well. There is one entity between us and the hospital group in each case. We may split up the file for the right offer. Once consolidated, the average balance will be closer to the 1500-2000 dollar range. Very short COT. Contact me for a masked file, if you do not have a Confidentiality Agreement on file with us, I will forward that to you first. Thank you for your interest. Rob Geer, Capital Asset Management, Inc. robgeer@att.net