portfolio details

Offering Company Capital Asset Management, Inc.
(317) 633-6633
Category Medical
Characteristics 2nd Placement
Portfolio Amount $10,220,000
Average Balance $683
Age 2008-2016
Number of Accounts 14,950
Region OK
Date Listed October 1, 2019
Bid Due November 1, 2019
Listing Expires Date October 1, 2019
Closing Date November 1, 2019
Contact Rob Geer - robgeer@att.net
Comments Super Deal! Very short chain of title. Single Oklahoma Hospital Portfolio for sale. This file will consolidate down about 2 or 3 accounts per patient. Excellent value for a medical debt buyer. We are offering this at a blow out price of 20 basis points, $20,000 for the entire file, Firm. First come, first Served. Contact us for a masked file, if you do not have a Confidentiality Agreement on file we will send one asap. Thank you for your time. Rob Geer. robgeer@att.net