portfolio details

Offering Company BDO Financial LLC
(469) 337-1427
Category Retail
Characteristics 3rd Placement
Portfolio Amount $1,110,443
Average Balance $977.50
Age 7/30/2011 avg chg off
Number of Accounts 1,136
Region National
Date Listed May 30, 2018
Bid Due June 15, 2018
Listing Expires Date June 15, 2018
Closing Date June 15, 2018
Contact Brian Williams
Comments $1.1M 2011 Retail Jewelry Portfolio
BDO Financial LLC has owned this file for one year. Now ready to sell.

Call Brian at 469-337-1427 or contact via email at brianwilliams@buyingdebt.org for more details and file information. More portfolio offerings available.