portfolio details

Offering Company Capital Asset Management, Inc.
(317) 633-6633
Category Payday Loans
Characteristics 3rd Placement
Portfolio Amount $410,092
Average Balance $741
Age 2013-2015
Number of Accounts 553
Region CA
Date Listed May 23, 2022
Bid Due June 23, 2022
Listing Expires Date June 23, 2022
Closing Date June 23, 2022
Contact Rob Geer - robgeer@att.net
Comments $410,092 in Pay Day Loans for sale mostly in California. 2013-2015 Dates of Service. 553 Accounts Priced to sell fast at 50 basis points, $2050. For sale on a first come-first served basis. Contact us for a masked file, if you do not have a Confidentiality Agreement on file we will send one asap. Thank you for your time. Rob Geer. robgeer@att.net