portfolio details

Offering Company Capital Asset Management, Inc.
(317) 633-6633
Category Auto Deficiencies
Characteristics 1st Placement
Portfolio Amount $5,526,689.17
Average Balance $6,925
Age 2012-2018
Number of Accounts 798
Region GA
Date Listed March 25, 2019
Bid Due April 25, 2019
Listing Expires Date April 25, 2019
Closing Date April 25, 2019
Contact Rob Geer - robgeer@att.net
Comments This portfolio consists of 798 accounts for just over 5.5M dollars. All accounts include a physical file folder with documentation. 2012-2018 charge offs (average c/o Jan 2015). We purchased these as zero agency accounts in the last 6 months. Great deal for someone! These are mostly a single JD Byrider location in GA, with a few accounts from The Car Store in KY mixed in. Over 4M of these accounts are in Georgia. We are only asking 30 basis points ($16,580) for this file on a first come, first served basis. Email robgeer@att.net for the masked file and sample docs. If you do not have a confidentiality agreement on file, I will send you one to fill out, sign and scan back. Thank you for your interest.