portfolio details

Offering Company Capital Asset Management, Inc.
(317) 633-6633
Category Auto Deficiencies
Characteristics 1st Placement
Portfolio Amount $7,856,393.06
Average Balance $6,629
Age Avg Charge off 2013
Number of Accounts 1,185
Region GA
Date Listed March 14, 2019
Bid Due April 14, 2019
Listing Expires Date April 14, 2019
Closing Date April 14, 2019
Contact Rob Geer - robgeer@att.net
Comments This consists mostly of JD Byrider accounts we purchased directly (through a broker) by us recently as zero agency accounts. There is a small file of KY auto accounts included also. About 70 percent come with folders, another 15% without folders include a ledger statement. This is mostly a Georgia file (over 6 Million) with notable totals in AL, FL, KY and SC. A few accounts spread out in other states. Very short Chain of title (originator - Broker- Us). Very limited work. Over 725 accounts are 2013 and newer charge offs , all the way through 2018. Only asking 35 basis points! Email Rob robgeer@att.net for masked file, sample files and sample ledger sheets. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! If you do not have a Confidentiality Agreement on file with us, I will forward one to you to fill out, sign and scan back before we send you the due diligence files.