portfolio details

Offering Company GLI Investments
(909) 203-0648
Category Payday Loans
Characteristics 3rd Placement
Portfolio Amount $573,000
Average Balance $1,439
Age 2014
Number of Accounts 398
Region National
Date Listed July 10, 2019
Bid Due October 31, 2019
Listing Expires Date June 30, 2020
Closing Date November 1, 2019
Contact Scott Sanchez @ 909-203-0648
Comments Small BIG BALANCE USAWEBCASH.COM File consisting of 398 Accounts, with a Face Value of $573,000. CLEAN file with a lot of meat left on the bones! LARGE AVG BALANCES, great for collecting large PIF'S! Rare Find! ONLY 30 BIPS!!! Any questions regarding this portfolio or others, contact Scott @ 909-203-0648