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Digital Recognition Network, DRN, fuels revenue, growth, and streamlined work processes for the top names in auto lending and insurance. Our story is how DRNsights, our exclusive vehicle location data and analytics, helps customers know more, faster. With DRNsights we help our customers reach their customers, locate their assets, prioritize collections activity, manage risk, uncover fraud and identify rate evasion.

About that vehicle location data – it comes from license plates that are publicly visible for all to see. The United States is home to the largest passenger vehicle market in the world with over 250 million passenger vehicles travelling on public roads and thoroughfares. Every car has a license plate and our cameras capture images of license plates that pass within the field of view of the camera, the location where the camera was located when the photograph was taken, and the time and date the camera took the photograph. These cameras simply automate a process that has been done manually for years – capturing publicly visibly and publicly available information. Because the camera is photographing license plates in public locations visible for all to see, there is no expectation of privacy in the data we collect. We take those images and the data associated with them and leverage our analytics to deliver DRNsights, solutions for Auto Finance, Insurance and Auto Recovery.
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Vehicle Location Data for Auto Lenders, Insurance Carriers and Recovery Professionals.

Our data helps lenders make right party contact to reduce charge-offs, insurers improve pricing at underwriting and claims investigations, and gives recovery agents the technology they need to recover more vehicles.

Auto Finance: Auto lenders use DRN’s unique vehicle location data analytics to improve collections by connecting with customers and curing up to 30% more loans

Auto Recovery: Our vehicle location data has revolutionized the auto recovery industry by helping lenders recover up to 35% more vehicles.

Recover More Vehicles:
Get real-time alerts every time a vehicle on your hotlist is spotted. DRN’s Location Alerts uses vehicle location data gathered from over 6.5 billion nationwide sightings, plus 160,000 million gathered each month to provide alerts when vehicles are spotted enabling lenders to recover up to 35% more vehicles.

Accelerate Time to Recovery
Cut the chase and find vehicles more efficiently. Find vehicles up to 50% faster with time and date-stamped location data that is accurate within a few feet. Know where and when to find those vehicles faster than ever.

Boost Right Party Contact
Part of the DRNsights Auto Finance solution, Location Alerts’ real-time location alerts put you in the know fast. Notifications point you in the right direction for making contact with your customers, saving you time and money.

24/7 Live Pick-Up
Staging your vehicles with one of our Providers gives you access to 24/7 live pick-up. Put your recoveries into our Provider network powered by thousands of LPR cameras, and let them do the work for you.
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License Plate Recognition Data

All roads lead to revenue with DRN’s license plate recognition technology. Fortune 1000 financial institutions rely on DRN solutions to drive decisions about loan origination, servicing and collections. Insurance providers turn DRN’s solutions and data into insights to mitigate risk and investigate fraud. And, our vehicle location data transforms automotive recovery processes, substantially increasing portfolio returns

Smart Recovery - Control your recovery process

Increase Recoveries
DRN’s vehicle location data has helped lenders recover over $5 billion in assets. Combine vehicle location data with 24/7 pick-up with a Provider to recover up to 35% more vehicles.

Reduce Time to Recovery
Use DRN’s Smart Recovery powered by over 6.5 billion vehicle sightings to locate vehicles earlier and reduce days to recovery by 50%. Faster recovery adds up fewer charge-offs.
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Address Scoring: Know the score to contact more customers

Verify Given Addresses
Confirm loan addresses and contact more customers. Score given addresses in your portfolio to determine whether you have a good or bad location for making contact with your customer.

Find New Addresses
Find out if DRN has new adresses for making contact. We can provide new DRN Locations for up to 30% of your portfolio. These are addresses you cannot get anywhere else. New addresses add up to more customer contact, lower costs and increased revenue.

Identify Risk
Improve your collections strategies. Start with Address Scoring to confirm given addresses in your portfolio and stop the guessing game. Accelerate treatment for unconfirmed loan addresses using new DRN Locations for more targeted collections, saving time and money.