National Loan Exchange, Inc.

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Mr Tony Spencer
Beginning in the 1980's, NLEX's parent company created an open market for distressed assets for the Resolution Trust Corporation. Assets included real estate, consumer, student and automobile loans, credit card accounts and equipment lease portfolios.

In 1993, NLEX began representing portfolios on behalf of financial institutions to offer new products to its buyers, and to offer an exchange in which lenders could create liquidity for their charged-off assets. NLEX launched in 2000 as an electronic auction platform.

Since that time, we have performed monthly sales for banks, the U.S. government, and other debt holders throughout the United States and Canada, selling over $150 billion face value of performing, nonperforming and charged-off assets. No other loan sales advisor has the extensive and successful experience to offer both buyers and sellers.

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National Loan Exchange, Inc. ("NLEX") is a leading Loan Sale Advisor of charged-off and nonperforming asset portfolios, and has been an important pioneer in the debt sale industry.