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Mr Todd Hinrichs
Phin Solutions is a national information services company specializing in Bankruptcy Notification services and Bankruptcy proof of claim filing services. We offer a number of services and solutions to help organizations identify and manage their bankrupt and deceased accounts within their portfolios. Whether in-house behind your firewall using our Vigilant-CMS℠ software or from our secure data center, we provide clients a secure environment while delivering complete and timely bankruptcy and deceased information. We also set up and provide clients access to the Bankruptcy courts EBN service. This greatly reduces the cost of information while reducing the paper handling within your organization. In addition to Bankruptcy and Deceased notification services we also offer skip tracing services to provide a complete one stop solution for our clients.

We help our clients solve these problems:
Bankruptcy notification –eliminate bankruptcy stay violations
Reduce the paper notices coming from the courts
Reduce information and FTE expense
Automate information processes
Drive earlier recovery, increase liquidation
Help manage the return mail accounts
Identify deceased accounts
Meet corporate security requirements

- Vigilant-CMS℠ Software Solution
Bankruptcy and Deceased notification behind creditor firewall
- Vigilant-CMS℠ ASP Solution
Bankruptcy and Deceased notification managed in Phin Solutions data center
- Electronic Bankruptcy Notification (EBN) integration and data conversion
- Proof of Claim filing electronically with all courts
- Digital Reconnaissance
o New Address Information
o New Telephone Information
o Return Mail Probability Score
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Bankruptcy Additional information
Bankruptcy Monitoring:
Bankruptcy database is updated daily in near real-time from all Federal U.S. Courts. Bankruptcy database is complete from 1995 to present day.
Continuous account matching using priority matching algorithms.
Timely information for quicker decisioning and precise account actions.

Deceased Monitoring:
Database contains over 145 million decedents and is updated daily and or weekly with new information.
Identify decedents earlier to remain complaint with FDCPA guidelines and combat fraudulent account activity.
Expedite your probate recovery process.

Consumer Complaint/Litigious Debtor Notification:
Identify consumers that have filed FCRA, FDCPA, SCRA, TPCA and TILA lawsuits against others.
Information allows you to build a comprehensive recovery strategy to help mitigate your risk of future lawsuits.

Active Duty Military Verification:
Remain compliant with SCRA laws by systemically identifying active duty military personnel.
Integrated within your account monitoring processes. Determine if an individual is actively serving, received a notice to serve or recently left active duty within 367 days across all branches of the military.

Mobile Phone Verification and Phone Append:
Remain complaint with TCPA laws.
Verify the type and status of a phone number.
Determine if the phone number is a mobile phone, ported phone number, landline, VOIP, pager, business, answering service or invalid number.
Locate Services - Digital Reconnaissance℠
Address Append
Phone Append
Contact-ability Scores
Employment Verification