VeriFacts Launches Due Diligence Solution

VeriFacts Inc. (VFI), a small family owned data and asset location service, announced plans to ramp up due diligence facilitation while reducing labor for many ED clients. In this two-part process, VFI supports the AWG process with verified places of employment while also streamlining voluntary payment attempts with unverified local employer phone numbers. In the 7Point program, the unverified phone numbers provide an avenue for PCA’s to arrange payment options while also aiding in the required 7 attempts to contact the consumer prior to AWG.

The phone number data eliminates the need for manual research which is a costly part of the process. Supporting the AWG efforts, PCAs rely on VeriFacts’ 30+ years of skip tracing experience. PCAs can rest assured that all work performed on the accounts is done in the U.S. with zero offshoring. Over the years many PCAs have implemented the Payroll Promise program for fulltime places of employment and have come to know VeriFacts for its quality and reliable information. As the industry leader, VFI prides itself on unparalleled integrity, compliance, and customer service.

Verified employment information alongside 7Point eliminates a great deal of labor invested from PCAs as well as providing a competitive edge with quality that simply can’t be beat. These programs can be used together, or as a standalone addition to current efforts. Utilizing these programs, or any VFI program, has never been easier. Users can simply drag and drop their files to the secure site, where the results are also returned. To learn more about VeriFacts and the programs available to support collection efforts, please email or call 800-542-7434.