Delta Outsource Group Achieves Optimal Revenue Recovery While Remaining TCPA and FDCPA Compliant

When Delta Outsource Group first deployed Eureka Interaction Analytics it very quickly identified several issues with collectors’ calls. These included: potential FDCPA violations, use of abusive language and mentions of legal action. The company also identified a number of actions that were affecting profitability. These included overall call duration and excessive silence on the call. The company also spotted that at key ‘tax times’ during the year, agents were not having the right discussions with customers. See how using CallMiner Eureka Speech Analytics helped Delta Outsource Group achieve: – Reduced average call duration by 20% in first 90 days – Reduced average silence on calls by 25% – Achieved immediate improvement of recovery rates by implementing “Tax Time” category – Automated scoring led to high agent adoption – eager to improve